Finance committee

The Finance Officer is part of the student council (FSR) and is responsible for the financial tasks of the student council. In addition to obvious tasks such as managing the funds and accounts and the income and expenditure of the student council, the committee is also responsible for drawing up the student council's budgets, which are the foundation for the student council's expenses. The decision on HHPs can only be made by the student council representation (FSV), so close cooperation is also important here. It is also the responsibility of the FSV to control the work of the finance officer, for example by having the cash audited by the cash auditing committee (KPA) and the discharge of the FSR.
Furthermore, the most important tasks of the committee are to work out the budget accounts at the end of the financial year and to apply for funds at the student council conference (FSK/FK).
Important principles of the financial work of the student council as part of the self-governing student body are the economical use of the financial resources made available and also the principle of non-profit-oriented budget management. It is important to remember that it is the students' money from the student fees and so one goal is to spend the money in a way that helps the students in their studies or life at the university.


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David Kowalk

finance officer

29.652,33 €

Revenue of previous finacial year

44.696,60 €

Budget current financial year

14.631,26 €

Expenditure past financial year


Budget accounts

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