(Full) Student body council

The (Full) Student body council (in German: Fachschaftsvollversammlung (FSVV)) is the assembly of the members of the Fachschaft Physics/Astronomy, i.e. the assembly of all students enrolled in the Physics and Astronomy degree programmes. It is also the highest decision-making body. But despite this elevated position, its most important task is to inform its members. At least once a semester, the FSR chair invites students to an FSVV. This is where reports from the other committees of the student council, such as the Student Association Representatives (FSV) or the Fachschafts' Council (FSR), are given. However, motions can also be submitted and this is where the position of the FSVV plays an important role, because its decisions bind all the bodies of the student council.

Since the body is not elected, it does not have a legislative period and is generally independent of the FSV and FSR (except in the invitation). At the beginning of the meeting, a chairperson is elected by the FSVV, who can be any person present. So if you simply want to hear a current report from the student council or would like to contribute something, please keep your eyes open and come to the next FSVV.

Invitation to the next FSVV meeting:

When: 27 June 2024, 6:00 p.m.
Location: Lecture Hall HISKP


1. Election of the chairperson of the meeting
2. Determination of the person taking the minutes
3. Welcome and establishment of quorum
4. Adoption of the agenda
5. Reports and inquiries
6. Motions
7. Miscellaneous

FSVV Minutes

A protocol (only in German) is created for each FSVV meeting. It records everything that was reported and voted on. If you want to know what was discussed at the last meetings, feel free to check it out!

You can find the protocols on Sciebo by clicking the button below.

Current Invitation

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