FSV election January 2022

Election Committee

Der Wahlausschuss organisiert die Wahl und führt diese durch. Für diese Wahl bestand der Ausschuss aus

  • Bettina Esser (Election management)
  • Lennart Märtin
  • Maximilian Paulus


The following candidatures were received by the Election Committee by 07.01.2021 and after reviewing all the documents, the list of candidatures has now been finalised.

The following 12 candidates are standing for the upcoming FSV election (order randomly drawn):

  • Paul Ludwig
  • Lidia Bazenova
  • Manni Liebetrau
  • Julian Lippe
  • Kathrin Grunthal
  • Rasmus Johannes Müller
  • Henry Schumacher
  • Max dÄ Loepke
  • Vasco Silver
  • Cedric Breuning
  • Leonardo M. Báez
  • Tobias Guttenberger

As there are only 12 candidates for 19 seats to be filled in the FSV, there will be a free field on the ballot paper. Every student with the right to vote in physics/astronomy (recognisable by the star on the back of the student card) can be entered by name in the free field (list of voters is available).

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