Tutoring lists

Students helping students. Many have already experienced that some subjects or lectures do not go so well. Others find it much easier. The Fachschafts' Council of physics/astronomy therefore provides mailing lists in order to connect students who are looking for tutoring with students who would like to give tutoring.

It is important to note that we only provide an intermediary platform. The tutoring arrangements (frequency, remuneration, etc.) must be agreed with the person seeking/providing the tutoring. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that a tutor will be found.

Are you looking for a tutor?

Then fill out the form linked below and describe what exactly you are looking for:

You would like to give tutoring?

Then get on the list of the respective field of interest by filling out the form linked below:


The tutoring lists are for all students at the University of Bonn who are studying physics as a major or minor subject.
Unfortunately, we cannot arrange tutoring for students from outside or high school.

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