Offers of the Fachschafts' Council

Students are regularly confronted with smaller or bigger problems and challenges during their studies at the university. Therefore, the Fachschafts' Council Physics/Astronomy has developed a number of offers over the last few years, which should easen your life as a student. Apart from holiday tutorials and other supporting offers, further events such as the regular's table are organised where you are also able to meet new people. But of course coming to the Fachschafts' Coucil's Room for a cup of coffee, some chatting or just asking your questions is possible as well.

Fachschafts' Council's Room

Coffee, tea, printer, computers and nice members or the Fachschafts' Council. 

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Students' Electronic-Laboratory

Work on your Electronic-projects in the Student's Electronic-Laboratory.

Lecture series

A series of lectures utilized by academics in order to introduce themselves and their work.

Revision Courses

Preparation for the after-exam of multiple moduls during the semester breaks.

Code eines Programmes aus dem C-Kurs © Vasco Silver


A course for programming in C as a preparation for the computerphysics module.

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Private Tutoring Lists

Relaying of private tutoring between students.

Regular's table

Depending on the schedule, you can either listen to or hold presentations about mutiple topics by yourself. Those may be physics-related, but that isn't obligatory.

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Book commission sale

Book sale for students by students. We offer a place to sell your old books or offer other students to purchase your displayed books.

Student room at AIfA

Coffee, tea and nice chats at the Argelander-Institut für Astronomie.

Fachschafts' Council Newsletter

Current information and offers around your studies.

Further supporting offers

Physics Learning Center

The Physics Learning Center is an innovative contact point designed especially for first and second semester students in Experimental Physics II and Theoretical Physics I (also for teachers). The aim? To help you master the current exercises and clarify questions about the lecture.

Student counselling

We recommend you to take a look at the study guidance's contact people whenever you have questions or problems related to your studies at the university.

Apart from the academic counsellor for physics and astronomy, you can also find the chair of the audit comittee as well as the audit personnel. You can also connect with contact persons regarding BAföG, Erasmus and studying abroad.

Legal contact points

Being right and being given right are two issues.
In case you do not know, what rights you have or what rights you are allowed to recieve, feel free to make use of the legal consult provided by the AStA.

Psychosocial Counseling

An unfamiliar environment, problems to settle down as well as exam stress are only a few of the many issues, why you should contact a psychological counseling service.
Please do not hesitate to contact one of the following service points in case you or a fellow student requires help:

Psychological Counseling in the Central Student Advisory Service

Everyone can be confronted with challenging situations. For instance, beginning your life as a university student with all the challenges involved on your future study progress can involve joy and delight but also problems. If you want to talk about similar or other burdening topics, do not hesitate to seek professional support. 

Psychological Counselling Centre of the Studierendenwerk

If you don't think that you are feeling well, do not fret to seek help. The Psychologial Counselling Centre consists of mutiple psychologists with extensive experience in consult, clinical psychology as well as with psychotherapeutic background. Their specialist fields are depth psychology, psychoanalysis, systemic therapy and trauma therapy.

Psychosocial Counselling of the AStA

Each and every student can be confronted with smaller and bigger difficulties or problems during their lifetime as well as in the course of their studies, which can be perceived as overwhelming.

The number of topics covers a broad range. We offer an appointment for an first interview and will asisst you accordingly 

Self-help Contact Point Bonn

We are here to support you in case you, a concerned or relative party, are trying to make contact with a self-help group, establish a new self-help group, need support with your self-help group e.g. public relations or just general questions concerning group activities.

Telephone Counselling Service

Whenever you need someone to talk or chat with about your worries and problems, you can always reach out to the Telephone Counselling Service 24/7.
There is also the possibility to receive information as well as help on-the-spot apart from calling telephonically.

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