Student Association Representatives (FSV)

The Student Association Representatives (FSV) is the decision-making body of the student body. It is the directly elected body of the student body and is responsible for all decisions of fundamental or high importance for the student body. In the day-to-day work of the Fachschaft, this means that the FSV mainly deals with topics relating to finances, the constitution and the most important topics of the Fachschaft council's work. It meets at least twice a semester and more if there are important topics or if it is requested. Each meeting is minuted and the minutes are also published here linked to the corresponding sciebo folder.
The most important tasks of the FSV are the election and control of the Fachschafts' Council (FSR) and the decisions in financial matters, i.e. above all the decision on budgets and the discharge of the FSR on the basis of the cash audit reports.

The FSV is regularly elected once a year. Information on past and upcoming elections can be found on the corresponding topic page. Questions about voting rights and eligibility are also clarified there. Otherwise, you can find the current members of the FSV below, including the members of the presidium and the secretary.

Invitation to the next FSV meeting:

When: 19.09.2023
Helmholtz Institute for Radiation and Nuclear Physics (HISKP)


1. greeting and determination of the quorum
2. finalization of the agenda
3. adoption of the minutes of 2023-08-22
4. reports and inquiries
    4.1 Report of the FSR
    4.2 Report of the FSV
5. by-election FSR positions (1)
    5.1 By-election FSR FAK Master Astro
6. 2nd and final reading HHP 23/24
7. by-election FSR chair according to FsSzg §19 (5)
8. by-election FSR posts (2)
9. other motions
10. miscellaneous

FSV minutes

Minutes are taken for each FSV meeting. The results of the discussions and votes are recorded there. If you want to know what is discussed at our meetings, please have a look at one of the minutes.

The minutes can be found via the button in the sciebo folder sorted by semester.


The FSV Presidium is responsible for organising, preparing and inviting FSV meetings, as well as for drafting and implementing FSV resolutions. Otherwise, you can always contact the FSV chair for questions about the FSV, an upcoming meeting and further information.

Avatar Märtin

Lennart Märtin

Avatar Sieker

Hannah Sieker

Deputy Chair

Other members

Avatar Müller

Rasmus Müller


Anna-Sophie Jansen

Tien-Son Nguyen

Lisa Peltzer

Luca Goßlau

Paul Ludwig

Henry Schumacher

Julian Lippe

Matthias Engels

Sissay André Lensch

Joscha Pütz

Ni Zhang

Jonas Strubich

Stella Hoffmann

Lidia Bazenova

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