What is the Student Council?

Many people don't know that when coming to the university for the first time. Just browse the internet or take a look at the links beneath or in the overview About us. If you want to find out how to become an active part of the Student Council, just come over here. We are always looking for new motivated people, thus: Don't ask, how the Student Council can help you, rather ask, how you can help the Student Council.
Apart from that, information concerning events and offers from the Student Council can be found as well. Just browse through our datapool, there will be surely something fitting for you.

The committees of the student body

Structure of the FS
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Organisation of the student body

The Fachschaft Physics/Astronomy Bonn is, first of all, all students of physics or astronomy at the University of Bonn. Colloquially, however, the term "Fachschaft" often refers to the people who take part in meetings of the student council or take care of pending tasks. The body usually associated with student council work is the student council (FSR). However, there is also the student council representation (FSV) and the student council general meeting (FSVV). You can find out what the tasks of these committees are on the respective sub-pages of the committees.

Student council general meeting

The general student council meeting is the meeting of all students of physics and astronomy for the information of the members.

Student council representation

The student council representation is the elected body of the student council that decides on official business.

Student council

The student council is the executive body of the student council, responsible for day-to-day tasks.

What does the student council do?

The student council has various tasks. These include, for example, representing the student body in various committees. The student council also tries to mediate between professors and students in the event of problems in lectures. In order to support students, especially first-year students, in their studies, the student council has set up various offers over the years.

Departments of the FSR

Departments are elected people who are responsible for tasks that arise in the work of the student council.


Student representatives, who are delegated by the student council, sit on various committees at the university.

Financial Officer

The person who looks after the funds available and the expenses of the student council.

Offers of the student council

The student council has various offers for physics students that can make studying easier.

Statutes of the Student Council

The bylaws regulate guidelines and procedures for meetings and all kinds of other student council topics.

Info video about the student council

(English subtitles available)

Fachschaftsraumführung 2022

How can you get involved in the student council?



We organise various events, for example a physicists' party, for which we need help with preparation and implementation.


Working groups

For certain issues, discussions at a meeting are not sufficient. Then a working group is formed from interested persons to work on the issue more intensively.



Certain tasks require permanent supervision or dedicated persons in charge. You can find the currently existing departments on this page.


Committee representation

The student council sends student representatives to various university committees to represent the student body. You can find a current overview of the committees here.

Verfasste Studierendenschaft an der Uni Bonn
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The Student Self-Government

In addition to the student councils, there are also committees and bodies that deal with general issues related to studying and student life.

In the illustration you can see the rough structure of the student body at our university. Below you will find a link to the most important committees of the student body.

Student Parliament

The student parliament is elected by the students and is the highest decision-making body of the student body.


The AStA is the university-wide representation of students elected by the student parliament.

Student Council Office

The student council office coordinates and supports the student councils.


The Studierendenwerk (student services) are responsible for the cafeterias, student halls of residence and much more.

Other committees of the university

University Bonn

Uni Bonn Logo
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Current information concerning the entire university can be found on the main page.


Logo Math-Nat Fakultät
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The Mat-Nat-Faculty unites all natural science and mathematics departments at the University of Bonn.

Physics/Astronomy Division

Fachgruppe Physik/Astronomie
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The Physics/Astronomy Division unites the various physics institutes of the University of Bonn.

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