Lecture Series

The lecture series is for helping students that are looking for orientation on possible topics for a bachelor or master thesis, or a research project (module phys799). Each week a lecturer gives a half-hour talk about the work their group does, their research topics, and possible topics for a thesis.
Below is an overview of all talks in the current semester. Usually, the lecture series only takes place in the winter term.
The lecture series department is responsible for inviting lecturers, choosing dates, and the general organisation.

Time period of events



14.10.2022 and 31.01.2023

Fridays, 2 p.m. c.t.


Lecture Hall 1, Physical Institute (HS 1 PI)

Why should you go to the lecture series?



In their 5th semester, after nearly 3 years studying, bachelor students often face the problem that they only know a small fraction of the lecturers. They are even less likely to know what their research topics are. Normally, people know the lecturers who did the mandatory modules, but rarely what research they do. Students often only realize this when they start looking for a thesis topic and supervisor.

Who researches which topic? Should you ask in person or by email? Does the lecturer set the topic or should you already have a specific proposal?

These questions, as well as many others, will be answered in the lectures. At the end of the day, everyone has to talk to their supervisor on their own, but the lectures also serve to give a personal impression of the lecturers.

Regarding the master thesis, master students may have similar problems to bachelor students, but mostly due to different reasons. People who did not do their bachelors in Bonn often know none of the lecturers here, and only get to know some of them through their lectures. Those from Bonn may want to write their thesis in a different group than their preceding bachelor thesis. A switch between theoretical and experimental physics, as well as between different areas of research, is possible.

Dates/Program WS 22/23


Prof. M. Köhl: Experimental quantum optics and atomic physics with ultracold quantum gases




Prof. M. Weitz: Quantum physics of ultracold atomic gases, thermodynamic equilibria of light and laser cooling of dense gases


 PD J. Kerp: Evolution of the Milky Way and its Surroundings by Observing Neutral Atomic Hydrogen


Prof. S. Stellmer: Quantum Meterology


PD A. Rusetsky: QCD, hadron physics, effective field theories, field theory on the lattice


Prof. H. Schmieden: Structure of the nucleon by meson photoproduction at ELSA


Prof. P. Vöhringer: Molecular Physical Chemistry


Lecture canceled


Prof. L. Funcke: Lattice gauge theory, quantum computing, machine learning


Prof. S. Stellmer: Quantum Meterology


Prof. Dr. Matthias Sperl (DLR): Physics at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Cologne




FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In principle, any lecturer can be asked by us if they want to introduce themselves. However, we prioritise lecturers who are new to the unversity or are not currently doing any bachelor lecture, so the students get to know them as well.

No. Due to technical and data protection reasons, lectures given in person are not recorded.

Many research groups have their own websites with information about possible theses, their current topics of research and possibly completed theses. You can look there for topics you are interested in.

If you found a topic and reseach group you are interested in, and would like more information about a possible thesis there, it is best to contact the group (the professor) directly.

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