The Fachschafts' Room

The Fachschafts' Roomsometimes just abbreviated to Fachschaft (for maximum confusion), can be found here. Feel free to visit us during our opening hours, but do not hesitate to stop by at any time- it's quite possible someone will be there anyway.

Support and Questions

The Fachschafts' Council Members are always there for you whenever you are facing problems or have questions regarding your studies. Contact us via Email or Discord, but feel free to come in person and ask a Fachschafts' Council Member present.

Tea and Coffee

We have a frequently-used coffee machine, which means there's a high chance of hot coffee. Feel free to take a cup; or use the kettle to make yourself a cup of tea, and leave a donation. 


Inside the Fachschafts' Council's Room, there's our printer "Marvin". Once you have a copy card, it's available to use for printing almost anything uni-related, the only exceptions are lecture scripts, books (including chapters of books), lecture notes and other long projects. For more precise instructions, feel free to ask any Fachschaftler present.

Regarding scripts, there might be some leftover print-outs still in the Fachschafts' Council's Room, but it is also possible for the Fachschafts' Council to organise printing them for you. In this case, a list of students interested in a copy should be created.

Marvin (Drucker)
© Vasco Silver
© Vasco Silver


Probably an unusual problem nowadays, but in case you need a computer with a browser, you can use one of the computers here.
If you have a copy card (ask a Fachschaftler if you don't yet), you can use the computer to print out important documents from our printer Marvin (see above).

Guiding Tour in the Fachschafts' Council's Room

Find out what to expect in the Fachschafts' Council's Room as well as what the Fachschafts' Council itself offers in this short video.

Fachschaftsraumführung 2022

Further Offers


We also have a large collection of specialized literature in the Fachschafts' Council, which can be used to work on your filings or others.

As well as the most essential books on Experimental Physics and Theoretical Physics, literature concerning mathematics and anything physics-related might be there too.

Book comission sale

The Book Commision Sale takes place in the Fachschafts' Council as well. May it be to sell your old books or to buy new ones, just stop by.

Student room at AIfA

In addition to the Fachschafts' council room, we also have a student room with attendance duty in the Argelander-Institut für Astronomie. Feel free to drop by!

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