Regular's table (Stammtisch)

In Germany, a Stammtisch is an informal social gathering, usually at a pub or similar. Our Stammtisch takes place in the HISKP.
Monthly, we organise interesting talks (more or less related to physics), Powerpoint-Karaoke, Quizzes or similiar games. It's a relaxed atm,osphere with snacks and drinks provided.
Anyone can give a talk, for example for a seminar, thesis, or simply something completely different. While most are physics related, an unrelated topic of choice is also an option. As mentioned above, Powerpoint-Karaoke or a pub quiz are also a good fit.
Program for the current semester
Regular's table: A short journey into the Mesozoic era
07:00 PM
A lecture about the earth at the time of the dinosaurs, different dinosaur groups and the connection between dinosaurs and birds. What stories are hidden ...
Regular's table: ÖPNV Jesus brings us the DE-Takt today
Helmholtz-Institut für ...
07:00 PM - 08:30 PM
I will give an insight into the future of DB (also in relation to Bonn), compare DB with railway companies from other countries and also vent a little about ...
Regular's table: Bingo night, powerpoint karaoke etc.
Helmholtz-Institut für ...
07:00 PM - 08:30 PM
We let the evening end comfortably with music bingo and powerpoint karaoke. This time without a lecture.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

You can talk to the people responsible (see below) and sort out the details with them.

The choice of topic is quite flexible. You could for example practice your talk for the seminar, or for your thesis, or simply give a talk about a topic you are interested in. It is always nice to include the audience or do a practical part, but this is not necessary.

Everyone who is interested in a talk and a relaxing evening together with some nice physics students.

Contact and Organisation

The Stammtisch Department is responsible for the organisation and realisation of the Stammtisch. You can talk to them directly or write them an email if you have any questions or want to give a talk yourself.

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