List of abbreviations/glossary

During your studies, in connection with the student council and at the university as a whole, you will often come across abbreviations and terms that are not self-explanatory and where you may wonder what they mean.
Here we have tried to compile and explain the most important terms and abbreviations.


This is where changes to the degree programme are discussed, for example changes to the module plan.

Institute for Astronomy

Auf dem Hügel 71

Represents the "government", so to speak, within the framework of student self-government.

Many tutorial and lab course rooms are located here.

Endenicher Allee 11-13

During AWD times, at least one person is in the student council room (or on the Discord server). During this time you can use the services of the student council and ask questions.

Abbreviation for the Bachelor's/Master's system, which has replaced the diploma course in physics at university.

Committees for appointing new professors, in which some student representatives also sit.

Buy old physics books for a small amount or sell your books that you no longer need and still get a little something out of it.

Meeting of the student councils of a subject area from all over Germany (or even the German-speaking countries). For physics, see also ZaPF.

Computer rooms (e.g. in the AVZ or also in the AIfA) that can be used for work. For some courses (computer physics, EDP), exercises take place here.

Often abbreviated to HSZ. Lectures and exams sometimes take place here.

Friedrich-Hirzebruch-Allee 5 (ehem. Endenicher Allee 19C)

The famous "academic quarter-hour", events marked c.t. start 15 min. later than indicated.
(3 p.m. c.t. = 3:15 p.m.)

The "academic day" on which the university holds special events for the public to give an insight into its teaching areas. There are usually no study events on this day (usually after 10 a.m.), so you can also take part in the special events.

The Bonn particle accelerator.

The meeting of the physics/astronomy department, in which professors, research assistants and student representatives sit.

Different meaning depending on the context of the sentence:

  1. All physics students (Student body)
  2. Active members of the Fachschaft, so students how actively participate in meeting and organisational tasks
  3. Fachschafts' Room (Raum 0.027 HISKP)

Depending on the context of the sentence:

  1. Fachschafts' Conference (also FK)
    Weekly meeting of the Fachschafts at the University of Bonn.
  2. Fachschafts' Collective
    Autonomous department in the AStA that is responsible for coordinating the Fachschafts' and heads the Fachschafts' Conference.

Executive committee of the Fachschaft. Weekly public meetings during the lecture period.

Representatives elected by the student body. Irregular public meetings.

Meeting of the all students of the department once each semester. Here FSR and FSV report on their work.

New physics research building housing many different laboratories and experiments.

Kreuzbergweg 26

Here you will find, among other things, the student council room, the StudE-Lab, a lecture hall and seminar rooms.

Nussallee 14-16

Wegelerstr. 6

Lecture hall 1 of the Institute of Physics. The entrance to the lecture hall is at the back of the building, facing the WPHS.

Wegelerstr. 8
(Entrance at the back of the HRZ)

Abbreviation for the Departmental Complex of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
Mostly prefix for a term, for example MatNat Faculty for Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

Sub-library for the Poppelsdorf campus. Close to CP1-HS, PI and HISKP.

Nussallee 15 a

Here you will find, among other things, the secretariat of the examinations office, HS 1, ELSA and many offices of professors.

Nussallee 12

Named after the Rhine on the one hand, but also after the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm III on the other.

Body of student self-government elected once a year. The "Bundestag" of student self-administration. Elects the AStA.

The event will start at the specified time.

The main library of the university.

Adenauer-Allee 39-41

For the sub-library important for physicists, see MNL.

Important lecture hall in the first semesters and the largest lecture hall in physics. Study and lab course rooms are also located here.

Kreuzbergweg 28

BuFaTa of Physics. The ZaPF takes place once a semester at different universities in German-speaking countries. Here, the physics student councils from German-speaking countries exchange views on common problems and situations at the universities. In some cases, resolutions are passed at the end, which are sent to various actors from politics and higher education.

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