Orientation Week
First Semester Information
Orientation Week
First Semester Information

First Semester Information

Dear future first semester students, dear people interested in studying physics,

We are glad that you are interested in studying physics at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn - or even that you have already decided to do so.
On your way through the study of physics, we, the Fachschaft Physik/Astronomie, support you where we can and try to answer all your questions as best as possible.

In contrast to other universities, the registration for exams and the registration for modules in physics is very student-friendly. As a rule, you do not have to register for any exams or courses before the semester starts! Normally you can just sit in the first lecture where everything else will be clarified. This semester you should register for the corresponding courses in eCampus shortly before the lectures start.

In the orientation week we will go through everything you need to do together with you. However, in order to be able to study physics at all, you must of course enroll in the Bachelor of Science Physics, whereby physics is once again (as of 2022) admission-free. The most important information about this can be found here.

The best way to start your studies is to make use of the offers of the university and our Fachschafts' council listed below.

Start of study summer semester 2024

Are you starting to study physics with us in the coming summer semester?
Then come to our orientation event and find out what it's like to study,
what other people look like, what cool things we have here and have fun!
Just come to the HISKP (Nussallee 14-16, Bonn) on Friday 05.04.2024 at 08:00 and we will show you everything!

As the plan for the 2024 orientation day has not yet been finalized, we have shown you the plan from last time below. More information will follow in the next few days.

In physics you can also start your studies in the summer semester. However, since most of the modules in the Bachelor are only offered once a year, you have to take modules from the 2nd semester in the summer semester. However, these only partially build on the modules from the 1st semester and can also be taken without the prior knowledge from the 1st semester.

Since you will still be first-year students in the upcoming winter semester 2024/25, you are also more than welcome to attend the big orientation week at the beginning of October 2024. Here you can also get to know the new first semester students.


For the summer semester 2022, the University IT and Data Center has changed the system for creating the Uni-ID. However, the information, e.g. in the Ersti-Info, is still outdated. If you are not sure, look at your registration notice, which also contains your student ID, where your Uni-ID is listed.

Preparatory course Physics

There will be a short preparatory course from 18.03. to 22.03.2024 to prepare you for your studies.
The material from the winter semester will be repeated in a shortened form, i.e. mainly from Experimental Physics 1 and Mathematics for Physicists 1.

Summer Orientation Day

Uni Bonn Karte
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  • Uhrzeit: 08:30 - 10:00 Uhr
  • Ort: HS HISKP
Ein Rund-Um-Schlag mit allem, was ihr als angehende Erst-Semester so wissen solltet, was ihr an Bürokratiearbeit leisten müsst und wie, wer die Fachschaft ist und vieles mehr.
Wenn ihr mehr über die Module hören wollt kommt zu dem Vortrag in der ersten Aprilwoche. Der genaue Termin wird noch bekannt gegeben

Nußallee 14-16
53115 Bonn

  • Uhrzeit: 10:30 Uhr - 11:30 Uhr
  • Treffpunkt: vorm HISKP
Damit ihr den Campus ein bisschen kennenlernt, bieten wir euch an, eine Campus-Tour über den Campus Poppelsdorf für euch zu machen. Hierbei könnt ihr die wichtigesten Gebäude kennenlernt und wir geben euch auch einige Informationen zu Mensa-Card, Bibliotheks-Karte und ähnlichem.
Die Campus-Führung findet in Kleingruppen statt, die mit etwas Zeitversatz nach den Laborführungen beginnen.
  • Uhrzeit: 10:30 Uhr - 11:30 Uhr
  • Treffpunkt: Mensa
Wir gehen gemeinsam mit euch Essen, zeigen euch den Ablauf und, wie ihr an vernünftiges Essen kommt.
  • Uhrzeit: 13:15 Uhr - 15:00 Uhr
Ihr könnt euch eine kleine Auswahl an Laboren unserer Fachgruppe angucken.

Kommt zum Info-Vortrag am Morgen, da wird euch erklärt, wie ihr euch anmelden müsst.

  • Uhrzeit: 15:30 Uhr - 18:00 Uhr
  • Treffpunkt: HS HISKP
Auch zu dieser mini-Orientierungseinheit gehört ein wenig Gameshow. In der Really Early Night Show haben wir eine Reihe von Spielen, die nicht ganz so konventionell wie UNO oder Schach sind, aber mindestens 137% so viel Spaß machen, für euch!
  • Uhrzeit: ab 18:00 Uhr
  • Treffpunkt: HISKP
Um diesen Tag ruhig ausklingen zu lassen bieten wir im SR-1 ein geselliges Abendprogramm mit Spielen, Snacks und Getränken an. Dieses soll einerseits allen viel Spaß machen, sowie auch die Vernetzung untereinander und auch über die Semester hinweg stärken. Es bietet sich an, für Getränke während des Abendprogramms etwas Bargeld mitzunehmen.

Current first semester information magazine (German only)

Presentations (German only)

Info information summer orientation

Best of Gameshow WS 2020/21

In the winter semester 2020/21, we organized a game show online as part of the orientation week (OE). We have recorded this and edited a small best-of (in german) from it, which should give you a small taste of the OE and make you want to attend the events.

Best of Quiz-Show WS 2020/2021

Contact to the Fachschafts' council

If you want to reach us you have many possibilities. You can always reach us by email, but we can also be reached via our Discord server. Furthermore, you can always contact us, no matter if you are in the Fachschafts' council room or if we are sitting with you in a lecture or if you run into us on campus: Always feel free to talk to us. We always have an open ear and are happy to answer your questions.


Although email is usually no longer the tool of choice in the everyday lives of many young people, it is becoming important again at university. Every Uni-ID has a corresponding e-mail address and therefore e-mail is a good tool to reach all students.
Also to reach the institutions within the university, e.g. the Fachschafts' council, email is a good communication tool. So don't be afraid to write us if you have questions or problems concerning your studies.


We as a student council have a Discord server on which the communication has been going on for two years now.
There we have set up different channels where you can communicate with us. Come and have a look.

During the pre-course we will also drop by and answer your questions. There you can also get the link to the Discord server. Otherwise just ask for it via mail.


In the Fachschafts' council room there is the so-called attendance service (AWD). During our AWD times, there is always a person in the Fachschafts' council room who is available to answer your questions. But also at other times there is usually a person in the FS room who can help you with your questions or problems.

You can also find some of our offers, like printer, coffee or BKV. You can also stay to do some tasks or similar. Stop by and have a look!


First semester in BSc Physics in WS 2019/20


Students of physics in WS 2021/22


Yes and no. The module plan is first of all a recommendation in which order the modules can be heard meaningfully, since some courses build on the knowledge of others. Some modules have concrete prerequisites. For example:

For the lab courses you have to take part in the exams of the Experimental Physics courses on which the lab courses are based. So for lab 2 you have to have written the exam Experimental Physics 2. The only exception is lab 1, which has no requirements.
For the oral overview exams you have to have passed the modules that are being examined in the exam.

You get access to eduroam via the university. You can find out how to set this up here. The advantage of eduroam is that you can get WiFi access at any university.

Sometimes it is necessary to be connected to the university network while you are not at the university. To connect your computer to the university network, you can use a VPN. You can find out how to set this up here.

Unfortunately, there is no single card for everything at the University of Bonn. There is:

  • Your student ID. This identifies you as a student and includes the NRW ticket for the public transport system. It is valid only in conjunction with your ID card /passport or similar. You will receive it after enrollment (when you have paid the semester fee).
  • You need the MensaCard to be able to pay in the Mensa. Nowadays you can also print in the university library with the MensaCard. You can get the MensaCard in the Mensas (e.g. CAMPO Mensa Poppelsdorf) after showing your student ID and paying a deposit.
  • Library card: In order to work in the library and to borrow books you need a library card. You can register for a library card online.
  • Copy card: This is an internal card of the Fachschafts' council, with which you can print and copy in the Fachschafts' council room free of charge. You can get it for a deposit in the Fachschafts' council room, just talk to us.
  • c.t.: means that the event starts 15 min. after the stated hour (10 c.t. = 10:15).
  • s.t.: means you have to be on time, because the event starts at the given time (10 s.t. = 10 o'clock = 10:00)

The meetings usually take place on Tuesdays at 18:30. In online mode you can find us on our Discord server and in presence in seminar room 1 of the HISKP. Every student of our department can participate in the FSR meetings, you don't need any previous knowledge, nor a contribution or agenda item. But if you want to present something or ask a question, we always have an open ear for you at the meetings.

The Fachschafts' council room is the place to go if you are looking for Fachschafts' council members. You can find us at the

Helmholtz-Institut für Strahlen- und Kernphysik (HISKP): Room 0.027
Nussallee 14-16,
53115 Bonn

More information about the Fachschafts' council room can be found here.

Two different math modules are offered in the Physics B.Sc. program: Mathematics for Physicists and Mathematics for Mathematicians (Analysis + Linear Algebra). As the names suggest, the first is a module that prepares students for the application of mathematics in physics and the second is a module that is completely dedicated to mathematics. Although the topics covered are largely congruent, the methods and structures of the modules are very different.

It is recommended to register for the respective courses via eCampus, as this is the easiest way to get information and contents of the course. In many cases, the assignment to the exercise groups also takes place there. In the department of physics/astronomy, only the registration for examinations and course work (e.g. lab courses) is done via BASIS, which is a condition for participation in the respective event. The BASIS registrations also have deadlines that should be observed.

Important links

We would like to recommend the following links, where you can find all kinds of information relevant to your studies.

Examination Office

The examination regulations and current changes can be found on the following page, which remains important throughout the course of study:

Course Catalogue

The course catalog of the physics/astronomy department can be found on BASIS:

Academic calendar

The official academic calendar with general dates relevant to your studies can be found on the website of the University of Bonn:

Study compass

On the following page, the university gives you some information about starting your studies at the University of Bonn. Here you can also find a PDF of the Study Compass with helpful information.

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